LibraryHost Since 2011


LibraryHost was founded in 2011 by Caitlin Nelson, a digital librarian and archivist, and Christian von Kleist, a programmer and entrepreneur, as a mission-based tech company. We serve small institutions who may not have their own I.T. department and mid-size institutions who wish to outsource some of their I.T. needs.

Caitlin Nelson Founder/Librarian

Caitlin received her BA from Yale, and her MLISc from the University of Hawaii. She has worked professionally in digital librarianship and product management since 2009.

Christian von Kleist Founder/Programmer

Christian is a tech entrepreneur whose library training began at the Florida Center for Library Automation in 2007. After FCLA, he was Senior Analyst at a Brooklyn-based information security consultancy, and was later co-founder and CTO of a VC-backed tech startup.


LibraryHost is based in Gainesville, Florida near the University of Florida, and many of our staff work remotely.

Our mission

To support your efforts in providing ready access to research materials and information

Researchers, students, teachers and the public want access to educational resources. Scholarly societies, researchers, librarians, archivists and other educators want to get their materials out there for use. We make that happen by removing technological barriers and making it simpler to connect content-creators with consumers.

To provide low-cost hosting and expert support

We provide low-cost hosting and expert support of the open-source library, archives, and scholarly publishing software projects we love. Many libraries, archives, and journals would benefit from more sophisticated software — or any at all! — but they lack the I.T. resources or a big budget to make it happen themselves. We want to help.

To grow the community

We support the open-source software community by popularizing great software and making it easy for anyone to run. We also give back by contributing code enhancements back to the source for anyone to use.

Our story

We are librarians and programmers

We have worked with large public universities and small scholarly societies. We have collaborated with huge consortia and local groups. We have worked on the inside with the very software we host, so we know what it’s like for you and your staff.

We believe in the mission

We are passionate about serving the needs of your users. We want you to be great at what you do — publishing original research, finding aids, digital materials, and whatever else you can imagine — so your users don’t even have to think about it.

We are making it better

We have worked for the corporations who only care about making more space on the site for ads. We have worked for the bureaucracies who put too much paperwork between educators and the public. We have worked with vendors who are charging more for less each year.

We had enough of that and now we work for you.

If you have additional questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!